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1 ton 2 ton Full Electric Pallet Stacker Forklift

The full electric stacker is an industrial handling vehicle powered by a motor and a battery as an energy source. It refers to various wheeled handling vehicles for loading and unloading, stacking, stacking and short-distance transportation of palletized goods.
The International Organization for Standardization ISO/TC110 calls it an industrial vehicle.
Product Description


  1. The operator of the all-electric stacker is not allowed to drive after drinking, overweight, or speeding, and it is forbidden to brake or turn sharply. All electric stackers are prohibited from entering places where solvents and flammable gases are stored.

  2. The safety device of the all-electric stacker must be complete and intact, the components are sensitive and effective, and the technical performance is good.

  3. Maintain the standard driving state of the all-electric stacker. When the fork is driving off the ground, the fork is 10-20 cm off the ground. When the all-electric stacker stops, the fork is lowered to the ground height to drive; driving in poor road conditions When working, its weight should be appropriately reduced, and the driving speed of the all-electric stacker should be reduced.

  4. When the all-electric stacker is running, if the electronic controller is out of control, disconnect the main power supply in time.

  5. Special attention should be paid to the timely charging of the battery and the correct maintenance of the battery during the use of the all-electric stacker. When charging the battery, pay attention to the method, not only to make the battery fully charged, but not to cause the battery to be overcharged; when the battery is in a state of deficient power, the battery should be recharged several times, and then it can return to normal; check the battery frequently. Whether the distilled water is sufficient, if it is not enough, it should be replenished in time.

  6. In the operation of the all-electric stacker, try to use as little as possible long-distance acceleration. When the all-electric stacker starts and the speed increases, hold the accelerator pedal firmly. If the road conditions are good, the stacker will continue to accelerate. When the stacker needs to decelerate, relax the accelerator pedal and lightly step on the brake pedal, so that the energy of deceleration can be fully utilized. If the all-electric stacker has a regenerative braking function, the kinetic energy during deceleration can be recovered. When the vehicle is going down the slope, do not disconnect the circuit of the drive motor of the all-electric stacker, gently step on the brake pedal to make the all-electric stacker run in the regenerative braking state, and use the kinetic energy of the vehicle to reduce the battery life. energy consumption.

  7. During the operation of the all-electric stacker, do not mistake the "forward, reverse" direction switch as the steering switch. Do not press the brake pedal all the way unless you need to decelerate sharply. During the operation of the vehicle, when it is found that the battery power is insufficient (which can be obtained through the electricity meter, the power loss indicator light and other alarm devices), the battery should be charged as soon as possible to prevent the battery from being over-discharged.

  8. During the operation of the all-electric stacker, do not often take emergency braking during high-speed driving; otherwise, it will cause huge friction to the brake assembly and driving wheel, shorten the service life of the brake assembly and driving wheel, and even Damage the brake assembly and drive wheel.

  9. When the all-electric stacker is not in use, please place the fork at the lowest position to prevent the cylinder piston rod from being exposed to the air for a long time and rusting; the driving wheel and front wheel should be ensured that there are no debris such as broken steps; power supply Keep it closed.

Full electric stacker
Min height85mm
Max height of stacker when lifting the max height(mm)2000
Original height(mm)2000
The size of the fork(mm)outer width 640/ inner width 340
Drive fork length(mm)1150
Overall length


Overall width


Small wheels size(mm)74*70
Load center(mm)500
Battery12V 240HA(300HA can choose)
Drive motor power1.5 KW
Power unitV24 KW:2.2 MI/R:2.0

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Full electric stacker

Full electric stacker 1