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Carrying Cargo Roller Skate Trolley

Specifications: 6T, 8T, 12T, 15T, 18T, 24T, 30T
Surface treatment: plastic spray, better than paint, will not be damaged easily.
Improved turnable structure---Installation of balls, which makes the crushing wheels to turn more flexible and convenient.
Material of wheels--PU, which is more wearable, durable and do little harm to the work place.
Reasonable structure: low center of gravity, large carry capacity, easy and safe operation.
Product Description


Handling tanks, also known as (handling small tanks), is a kind of handling equipment that can replace traditional rollers. When handling large equipment and equipment with long distances, it can be used in conjunction with a crowbar or claw jack to move heavy goods, which can save a lot of manpower and time. Easy to use, time-saving and labor-saving, it is the ideal tool for moving heavy equipment. It is suitable for handling various small, medium, large and heavy equipment containers and other heavy objects.

Product Features:

1) Handling small tanks with small volume and large carrying capacity. 

2) Forged steel plate, strong bearing pressure. 

3) Wheel material: Silicone resin has strong pressure resistance. It can also protect the ground and prevent oil pollution; the sliding wheel does not need maintenance, and the surface has a rubber layer to protect the material and increase the friction.

4) Stability, large load capacity, can be equipped with joystick, mobile convenient steering.
5) Easy to operate, as long as it is used in conjunction with the lifting tool, the work cycle can be greatly saved. No

maintenance is required, and the product itself is simple in structure and does not require maintenance.

 Roller Trolley

Production Picture Details

 Roller Trolley details

 Roller Trolley details1

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