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EN818 G80 Welded Link Chain

The G80 lifting chain is an indispensable lifting device when lifting heavy objects. It is produced by advanced assembly line production equipment in Germany, using high-quality alloy steel (manganese steel, etc.) materials, and undergoes strict quality inspection throughout the process.
Product Description
  1. The breaking force is 4 times the working force.

  2. Proof test at 2.5 times the pull force

  3. The type of steel has been fully killed and fine-grained and heat-treated as hardened and tempered.

  4. The steel contain alloying elements in sufficient quantities according to EN818-2 standard.

  5. All material come from the steel manufactory will be inspected and tested. Surface Inspection, Hardened Check, Stress Test and Elements Analysis have to be processed in manufactory quality control systems.

Prohibit the use of standards

  1. Chain diameter wear reaches 10%, it is forbidden to use.

  2. The chain is deformed, the outer length value is increased to 3% of the original size, it is prohibited to use.

  3. The chain ring body is cracked or the weld is cracked, it is forbidden to use it.

Product Picture Details

G80 Chain

G80 Chain Link