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Hebei Nuoying----Using and Cautions Of MINI Electric Hoist

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Hebei Nuoying----Using and Cautions Of MINI Electric Hoist

PA mini electric hoist


1. The rated lifting weights are (single hook/double hook): 100/200KG, 125/250KG, 200/400KG, 250/500KG, 300/600KG, 400/800KG, 500/1000KG;

2. The lifting height is (single hook/double hook): 12/6M;

3. The lifting speed is (single hook/double hook): 10/5 (m/min);

4. The rated voltage is 230V, 50HZ, and the working coefficient is S3 20% 10MIN;

5. The input power is: 500W, 580W, 880W, 930W, 1352W, 1500W, 1700W;

wire rope

Maintenance knowledge:

1. Regularly check the bolts and power cords that fix the miniature electric hoist, and remove dust and corrosive liquids accumulated on the cables in time.

2. The newly purchased miniature electric hoist has lubricating oil for life-long maintenance. When operating the miniature electric hoist, there may be a small amount of seepage, especially during the first operation. This is normal and there is no need to refuel the mini electric hoist.

3. Electric hoists need regular inspection and frequent replacement of wire ropes. If the wire rope is worn, it should be replaced immediately.

wire rope host hook


Push button switch motor does not rotate:

1. The power supply is not turned on--------- Turn on the power supply

2. The wiring is broken or loose -------- check the wiring and repair it

3, the switch fails --------- repair or exchange the switch

4, the capacitor is damaged-------replace the capacitor bank

5. The limit frame is not reset or the travel switch fails ---------- check the limit frame or replace the travel switch

Push button switch motor noise is loud, can not start normally

1. The power supply voltage is too low ------- adjust the power supply voltage

2, the capacitor is damaged ------- replace the capacitor

3, the switch is in poor contact-------repair or exchange the switch

Chassis live

1. Grounding failure or no grounding-------Check and repair the grounding wire

2. The inner wire is in contact with the casing ------- check and repair the inner wire