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Hebei Nuoying----permanent magnetic lifter for test

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                                                                                     Hebei Nuoying----permanent magnetic lifter for test

magnetic lifter

magnetic lifter

magnetic lifter for test

Test conditions and requirements

1. Requirements for the tested iron plate:

(1) The surface of the iron plate must be smooth.

(2) The thickness of the iron plate must be more than 60mm

(3) There should be no debris directly between the bottom of the PML and the iron plate.

(4) The material of the iron plate needs to be Q235B (Chinese label), which should correspond to the Russian CT3KII. If other materials such as cast iron are used, the magnetic force will be halved.

2. Lifting requirements

(1) It is not allowed to test with the electric hoist in driving, because the pulling force is uneven during lifting, resulting in uneven magnetic force, and the magnetic force test is unqualified.

(2) Before the test, wipe the steel plate and the PML to ensure that the bottom of the PML is completely in contact with the steel plate.

(3) Test with a hydraulic machine or hydraulic jack to ensure that the lifting speed is even. When the magnetic force exceeds the rated magnetic force, control the pulling force through the adjustable button to ensure that the pulling force increases gradually until the maximum safety factor. (For example, when testing with 100KG PML, when the pulling force reaches 150KG, adjust the strength of the pulling force to gradually increase the magnetic force until the steel plate breaks away from the bottom of the PML).

(4).During the test, if the lifting force of the adjusted hydraulic press is too fast, it will cause the PML to leave the iron plate under test quickly when it is lifted. Please adjust the pulling force of the hydraulic press to increase gradually.