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1000KG Self Load Electric Stacker

Self load electric stacker mean that loading and unloading can be done alone, eliminating the need for additional loading and unloading equipment on site. The electric stacker has good safety and durability, and provides a good comfort and excellent operability. Hebei Nuoying is committed to developing more applications and making the product complete its whole life cycle during its actual use. Our forklift products are mainly used in: transportation and beverage logistics, recycling and construction material handling, technical equipment and medical gas transfer, agriculture and field stage construction
Product Description

Feature of self load electric stacker:

  1. C# type steel, high strength.

  2. Wireless controller, 100 m control distance.

  3. Electric up and down the fork

  4. Lithium battery, long battery life.

The advantages of truck forklift

  1. Easy to carry, folding, convenient to carry, more sensitive and light than the conventional forklift, do not need it can be collected.

  2. Easy operation because it is remote control, so the operation difficulty is relatively simple, and the driver can operate separately for loading and unloading work.

  3. Get to Work anytime, Anywhere. Truck drivers can quickly get to work anytime, anywhere, without waiting. While other truck drivers line up to be unloaded by the stevedores, the driver with the forklift can load and leave immediately, saving time in line.

Self load electric stacker
Capacity (KG)
Fork length (mm)
Fork Width (mm)

Walking fork height off the ground(mm)

Total size (mm)Weight (KG)

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