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About analyzing the problem that the hand pallet truck cann’t be lifted up.

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In the use of the hand pallet truck, various problems and failures may occur. One of the more common ones is that it cannot be lifted normally. So what is the reason why the manual pallet truck cannot be lifted? How to fix if the hand pallet truck truck can't lift up?

1. There is air in the pump cylinder

The manual truck cannot be lifted. The more common problem is that there is air in the oil pump, which causes the hydraulic pressure to not rise or rise slowly. We need to discharge the air in the pump cylinder. We can move the gear shift up, then pull the handle knob by hand, shake the handle 10 times in the whole process, and the air will be automatically discharged.

2. The unloading striker is not adjusted in place

If the position of the unloading striker is too close to the left, the steel ball will not be able to close and will not be able to lift. The solution is: Loosen the nut with a wrench, turn the screw counterclockwise, put the handle knob in the rising position, shake the handle until the truck can rise normally, and then tighten the nut.

3. There are iron filings or other debris in the valve group

In this case, the valve core, valve body and steel ball will not be closed properly, resulting in the failure of the truck to rise normally. The maintenance method is to directly replace or clean the valve group. First, put the truck upside down, open the sealing plug of the valve hole with an Allen wrench, take out the spring, valve body and valve core in the valve hole, and check the inside of the valve hole. Check whether there are iron filings and debris, and clean the valve hole. If it is damaged, it can be replaced directly.