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G80 Rigging Eye Sling Hook With Latch

The eye sling hook is made of high-quality carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel forged and heat-treated. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight and high strength.
The hook is mainly used as a connecting tool in lifting operations. The limit working load and scope of application and operation of the hook are the basis for test detection and use, and overloading is strictly prohibited.
Product Description

Use and precautions:

  1. The eye slip hook should pay attention to the environmental conditions when it is used with the rigging, and the rigging should not be twisted or knotted. During the lifting process of the hook, it is strictly forbidden for the objects to be lifted to be collided and impacted.

  2. The eye slip hook is generally a forged single hook, which is made of low carbon steel and carbon alloy steel.

  3. The hook plays the role of connecting the crane and heavy objects, and its maintenance must be paid attention to. For this reason, when the lifting height limiter of the hook or the hook locking device fails or is damaged, it must not be used again.

Scrap standard:

  1. Cracks appear.

  2. The wear amount of the dangerous section shall be no more than 5% of the original height of the hook manufactured according to GB10051.2; the hook manufactured according to the industry standard shall be greater than 10% of the original size.

  3. The opening is increased by 15% compared with the original.

  4. The torsional deformation exceeds 10 degrees.

  5. Dangerous section or hook neck produces plastic deformation.

  6. When the wear of the plate hook bushing reaches 50% of the original size, the core sleeve should be scrapped.

  7. When the wear of the hook mandrel reaches 5% of the original size, the mandrel should be scrapped.

320A eye sling hook

320A eye sling hook
4 19
22 80 21.5 111 0.3
8 27 25 76.3 26.2 142.3 0.61
3 12 31.6 31.5 120.8 28.5 163.6 0.78
5 20 39 33 146 36.5 200.3 1.5
7 28 50 40 171 49 257 3.1
11 44 61 51 228 57.6 315 6
15 60 72 57 257 65 354.4 9.7
30 120 90 98 356.5 92 494.5 29.2

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