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Alloy Steel Swivel Lifting Point

• Size - M8-M90
• Material - alloy steel
• Surface - powder plastified
• Technology - forged
• Safety Factor - 4:1
• 100% Magnetic particle inspection
Product Description

♦ Notes 

  1. Before use, please check the appearance.If you find signs of corrosion, cracks, abrasion, bending, deformation or damage, it is forbidden to continue using it.

  2. Before use, please check whether the rotation and swing are smooth. The universal swivel hoist ringshould be able to rotate 360" and swing 230”.

  3. Before use, please check whether the thread of the lifting ring and the threaded hole are matchedcorrectly, and whether the bolts are locked.

  4. Periodically inspect the rings for cracks.

  5. Keep the product clean and the correct use environment.

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